The major aim of the OMICS 4.0 project is to integrate existing metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and genomics activities at the Campus Technopol Tulln. The project intends to establish a bioinformatics platform to promote collaborations among the various research groups being active in the respecive OMICS disciplines.

Open positions


11th of April 2019

On the 11th of April 2019 Justin JJ. van der Hooft has been invided to present his ground-breaking work on substructure motif discovery using the developed MS2LDA platform. For further details see the official announcement.

12th of December 2018

On the 12th December 2018 our kickoff-meeting will take place at the UFT-Tulln.

October 2018

We are currently looking for three PhD-students in the project. Please find further details in the Open positions

Applied bioinformatics for life-science research

The OMICS 4.0 project is a dedicated bioinformatics project involving 4 research groups situated at the University of Natural Resources, Vienna (Location IFA-Tulln), the University of Applied Sciences, FH Wiener Neustadt, Campus Tulln and the Austrian Institute of Technology, Campus UFT Tulln.

To be able to meet the challenges of the fast developing OMICS-technologies and to ensure adequate handling of the associated, steadily increasing amount of data, novel algorithms and bioinformatics tools are indispensable.

The major aim of the OMICS 4.0 project is to integrate existing metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and genomics activities at the Campus Technopol Tulln. The project intends to establish a bioinformatics platform to promote collaborations among the various research groups being active in the respective OMICS disciplines.

The project is structured in four scientific modules (see below), all of which intend to develop novel, customized bioinformatics tools for processing, statistical evaluation, visualization and interpretation of analytical raw data. To maximize the benefit of the tools to be developed, each of the bioinformatics research fellows (PhD students and Postdocs) will be fully integrated into a specific ongoing life science project, addressing defined biological research questions. For each of these associated projects, defined user-friendly software packages shall be developed.

The OMICS 4.0 project started on the 1st of October 2018 and will last for four years

Open positions

We are looking for three PhD candidates within the course of the project. Each PhD-position will be assigned to one specific project module (1, 2 or 4). The PhD-responsibilities and research will be focused on bioinformatics and the successful candidates will be closely working with the associated biologically oriented projects in order to answer the scientific questions of the respective research projects. To this end, the PhD-candidates will develop new methods for data processing and statistical evaluation and implement their algorithms in form of generic and easy-to-use software applications. The developed tools will also be published in scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences.

All associated projects use sophisticated and state-of-the-art analytical equipment in order to generate the required raw-data and to test the respective biological hypotheses. The successful candidate will be integrated into interdisciplinary research teams with highly motivated scientists working in different areas of life-science research such as LC-HRMS analytics, metabolomics and transcriptomics as well as OMICS-platform integration. The research will be carried out at the Campus Technopol Tulln, which is currently hosting around 500 scientists.

Position 1
Bioinformatics for biomarker discovery by untargeted metabolomics

Automated processing and statistical evaluation of large metabolomics datasets has been recognized in the previous years as an important part in the process of the discovery of novel biomarkers. In this project, we will apply state-of-the-art metabolomics methods to search for novel biomarkers of gut health in cows and pigs.

Module 1
Main advisors:
Aooc.Prof.Dr. Franz Berthiller
Dr. Heidi Schwartz-Zimmermann

Position 2
Bioinformatics for untargeted metabolomics

Chromatography-mass spectrometry based untargeted metabolomics approaches still suffer from the poor annotation rate of unknown compounds thereby complicating biological interpretation of the generated measurement data. In order to find structurally similar compounds, which are assumed to be biochemically linked by closely related metabolic pathways, the method of molecular networking shall be developed and implemented in this PhD project. The PhD candidate will closely collaborate with another project that aims to find novel secondary metabolites of filamentous fungi.

Module 2
Main advisors:
Ao.Prof.Dr. Rainer Schuhmacher
Dr. Christoph Bueschl

Position 3
Bioinformatics for genome-scale metabolic models

Fusarium head blight is a devastating fungal disease of small grain cereals caused by several species of the genus Fusarium. In order to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the resistance of certain host plants, the interaction between wheat and Fusarium shall be investigated using a combined analysis of transcriptomics and metabolomics data.

Module 4
Main advisors:
Dr. Jürgen Zanghellini
DI. Birgit Herbinger


●   Master in bioinformatics, computational biology, statistics or related discipline
●   Excellent skills in problem solving, information technologies and statistics
●   Profound knowledge of general biological processes
●   Knowledge of OMICS technologies and associated data processing strategies
●   Team spirit, enthusiasm, creativity, and good English skills
●   Eligibility to enroll in a PhD programme of the Univeristy of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Austria

We offer

●   Interdisciplinary projects with funding for a three-year PhD-period
●   Supervision of the PhD-thesis in renowned scientific working groups
●   Excellent interaction with other research groups and modules of the project
●   Possibility to visit (inter-)national research conferences
●   Modern and high-end working equipment

We offer a 30 hours/week position for three years at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) (modules 1 and 2) or the University of Applied Sciences, FH Wiener Neustadt (module 4). The minimum gross monthly income is €2,096.- per month (14 times a year) according to "Gehaltsgruppe B1" of the Austrian collective contract for university employees.


The official job advertisement is available here. Please send your application documents (consisting of your contact details, motivation letter, the application form (available here) including details about your education and working experience as well as the order of the positions you are applying to) to

The application will be closed: Open until the positions are filled

Selection process - Criteria for the recruitment procedure

By qualification and interview. Applications will be evaluated by all the involved supervisors on the basis of the information contained in the CV and application documents or demonstrated by candidates. The best 3 applicants for the positions, based on the highest scores obtained, will be selected and admitted to the interview.

●   Experience in addition to the minimum requirements on the project topic as a researcher
●   Experience and number of scientific or technical publications

After the first round, successful candidates will be contacted for the interview (either in person or via Skype).

Please note

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) seeks to increase the numbers of female employees - especially in scientific fields. Therefore BOKU explicitly encourages qualified women to apply for this position. Women will be hired preferably over identically-qualified men, unless other reasons based on the person of the other applicant preponderate.

We regret that we cannot reimburse applicants travel or lodging expenses incurrend as part of the selection and hiring process.

Project modules

Funding agency

Gefördert durch das Land Niederösterreich.
Funding for this project has been kindly provided by the Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria.

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